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Customer Testimonials


I wanted to take a moment and report to you that Walter helped me solve two important fire alarm issues that came up unexpectedly at 100 MM Road. Walter was on site yesterday troubleshooting site lighting issues when our FA panels in 100 went into trouble. The panel indicated a trouble with a strobe booster panel in 80 MM. This trouble puts a tone on panels at the three tenant lobbies and creates a continuous annoyance for the tenants since they are not sure if there is a real problem with the system. After looking at the booster in a matter of minutes Walter was able to diagnose the problem and rewire a temporary fix to stop the trouble tone and keep the system properly on line. He returned this AM with the parts and completed the required permanent repair.

In addition, this morning we had a problem with the LCD display in the FA panel at 60 MM. This display was not readable. Walter initially thought the display may have failed and was going to place an order for new parts. While troubleshooting with RB Allen on the cell phone it was determined the display had a loose connection. Walter was able to shut down the panel make the proper connections and restart the panel per the instructions provided by the rep from RB Allen. All panels were clear and in proper operation after his work.

This extra effort by Walter and his knowledge of the fire alarm systems saved me a number of potential additional service calls and aggravation to our tenants was kept to a minimum. This was a very important plus for your company and represents a commitment to quality service by Walter that I would like to make you and Robert aware of.

Best Regards

Ken Diskin
Brickstone Properties Incorporated
Andover, MA